Thank you for your interest in joining SACH. 

We accept NEW membership applications

in person only at the Park or a General meeting. 

The fee is $50 per family per year. 

Our year is the fiscal year - August 1 to July 31 of the next year.

Requirements for Membership:

  • Be actively engaged in homeschooling at least one (or more) of their school-aged children (5 by September 1st)
  • Complete application, pay dues. 
  • Members should be respectful in word and deed of the authority of SACH’s Leadership Board, Statement of Faith, Rules of Conduct & General Guidelines.
  • Be an active participant in group functions to enhance the opportunities provided.
  •  Participate in and keep up to date with online Yahoo communication group.
  •  Be responsible for the care and supervision of their children at all times.
  •  Volunteer in an area of service within the group, like hosting a MNO or field trip for a month.

Rights and Privileges of Membership:

  • Members shall be entitled to participation in all SACH events and activities throughout its fiscal year (August – July).
  • Members shall be eligible for discounts when joining HSLDA and THSC.
  • Members shall be eligible for insurance (liability and Medical) at all SACH-Approved events.
  • Members shall be eligible for  other services/opportunities that may be provided during a particular year.

1. Come to a few Park days on the 1st and 3rd Fridays at Tom Slick park. This is where the most people show up and you can get to know the group.

2. If you decide you like us then you need print out a membership form via Google docs. 

3. Read the packet.

4. Fill out the form.

5. Sign the waiver.

6. Bring it all back to a park day with your payment of $50.

7. Meet with a Board Member to go over the paperwork. 

8. After that you will receive an email with an invite for our Yahoo group and once you get added to the Yahoo then you will find out about all the other stuff we have going on throughout the week. 

To Join Our Group


 We encourage new families to attend a few Park Days to get a feel for the group and meet some other families before deciding if SACH is a good fit for your family.

Please click     
                   for Park Day  information.

 We hope to meet your family soon! If you have any questions, please email us at