We encourage new families to attend a few Park Days to get a feel for the group and meet some other families before deciding if SACH is a good fit for your family.

 Park Day  information.

 We hope to meet your family soon! If you have any questions, please email us at

To Join Our Group

Thank you for your interest in joining SACH. 

We accept NEW membership applications

in person only on a Park Day.

The fee is $50 per family per year. 

Our year is the fiscal year - August 1 to July 31 of the next year.

Our support group is open year round. 

1. Come to a few Park days on the 1st and 3rd Fridays at Tom Slick park. This is where the most people show up and you can get to know the group.

2. If you decide you like us and want to join there are 2 ways to officially be a member.

WAY 1- paper form.

* print out a membership form via Google docs. CLICK THE BLUE BUTTON. 

​* Read the packet.

*  Fill out the form.

* Sign the waiver.

* Bring it all back to a park day with your payment of $50.

* Meet with a Board Member to go over the paperwork. 

* After that you will receive an email with an invite for our Google group and once click on the link in the invite, you get added to the Google group then you will find out about all the other stuff we have going on throughout the week. 

WAY 2- online form

Click on RED the button.

Read the packet

Click the link on the bottom of the packet or ON THE  WHITE BUTTON

After filling out the membership form, you should receive an email with all the info you filled out.
Please print the info and bring it with your payment to a park day. 

Meet with a board member and go over the form.

After that you will receive an email with an invite for our Google group and once you click on the link to be added to the group then you will find out about all the other fun stuff we have going on throughout the week.